Yarn Splicing Techniques

Here is a great article that was posted on the Berroco Design Studio website that details several different ways to splice yarn together.  While I haven’t mastered any of these techniques (yet), I’m always up for ideas that keep me from having to weave in so many ends!



Crochet Magic Loop

One of my favorite techniques is the Crochet Magic Loop. This is a really great technique to use for those projects that are to be crocheted in rounds (like a hat). This technique adds less bulk than the standard method that calls for chaining 4 and joining with a slip stitch to form a ring. I also like this method because you have more control over how tightly you make the resulting hole in the middle. If the hole is larger than you would like, just pull the tail tighter to make the hole smaller before weaving in the end.

Earlier this week, I came across a great tutorial posted on Crochet! Magazine’s Facebook page. The tutorial was written by Carol Alexander and it is very well illustrated.

You can access the original post by clicking here.